Ready for the Reality

I’ve had it. I’m tired of the presidential candidates bickering like it’s Paris Hilton and Britney Spears. I really don’t need to know how Vince Young’s mom feels about his mental state.

Let’s get past the BS and face reality. The country’s in a bad place and slogans aren’t going to help it. Negative ads aren’t going to help it. The word change means nothing without context. We need to figure out whether Washington insiders have to do it or whether we need to go to the bullpen.

The Titans, on the other hand, are in a good place. Peter King ranked the Bears ahead of the Colts after the Sunday night beatdown. After the Titans beat the Jags, and yes, they were beaten, the Jags were ranked fourth and the Titans remained at 14th. King may be on to something, because it’s hard to imagine the team exceeding last year’s wild-card flameout with Kerry Collins at QB. I think he’ll be fine this weekend in Cincinnati, although the Bengals put the beat-down on the Titans last year.

I thought it strange that the Titans would let Ingle Martin, who was with the team all offseason, go to the Chiefs (he was on the practice squad) when they needed a somewhat experienced backup while Vince Young heals from his physical wounds. Instead they picked up Chris Simms, who was ditched like a weepy girl at the prom by the Patriots earlier in the week. Collins is as mobile as my grandma, so there better not be too many seven-step drops in this week’s gameplan.

As for my White Sox, Paul Konerko just sprained his MCL. The schedule does them no favors with the white-hot Blue Jays in town. How did the Blue Jays just pass the Yankees? The other bad side to the injury is that I’m in the AUBL playoffs and Konerko’s not going to help me on the bench. My opponent already has a 25-inning edge in pitching. I have adjusted my pitching staff to get seven starts in the rest of the week. It might not be enough.

The White Sox are going to have to figure out a way to get to the playoffs. The Titans are going to have to adjust their offense for the next few weeks.

In conclusion, Vince Young is 25 years old. Think about how mature you were at 25. Were you supposed to lead a $750 million franchise?

As for the presidential candidates, they’re old enough to know better. At this rate, I’m voting for Britney.

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