Last Gasp

I found the Missouri/Nevada game in Fox Sports, so I’ll watch that while talking about the probable demise of my fantasy baseball team.

My opponent is a new member of the AUBL. He’s a photographer who makes a good living, and my minimal interactions with him, seems like a good guy. It’s just that I hate him this week. I used all of my roster moves to try to catch him in innings pitched. Due to funky weather, and not just in Texas, there have been a ton of rainouts and it’s hard to tell who will prevail. I pretty much have to win every pitching category because I’m getting hammered in offense. I spent about an hour after this morning’s run figuring out who out of the remaining pitchers going tomorrow were worthy of playing for the Green Sox. I put Johnny Cueto, twice signed and twice released before, on the roster. I thought about Ian Snell but there was a chance of him starting today and my roster move would take effect tomorrow.

I could pull it out and play another owner who’s used all of his roster moves. That would be interesting. The other owner is the guy who’s battled all year with me for first place. I lost the regular-season title but beat him twice head to head. The downside would be that he has a ton of roster moves left, so he could pitcher stream his way to the title.

They say that Missouri’s schedule is full of cupcakes. I’ll give you SE Missouri State. Buffalo could be a bowl team, but probably not. Nevada should be a bowl team. They have a solid offense and held Texas Tech to 35 points last week. It’s going to be a shootout. I hope the rain doesn’t slow Chase Daniel down.

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