Line Confusion

Let me get this straight — the Bengals lost to a Ravens team starting a rookie QB and rookie RB, managed to let Joe Flacco, slower than Dan Marino after the Achilles injury, run in on a 38-yard bootleg, and they’re still favored over the Titans? Have the bookmakers seen Vince Young play? The Bengals should blitz the house against Kerry Collins today. A defense that gave up 140+ rushing yards against LaRon McClain and Ray Rice should struggle against Chris Johnson and LenDale White.

It’s going to be a windy day in Cincinnati, so the Titans will lean on the run, and even if they are vastly superior, it won’t be more than a seven-point game unless the defense scores a couple of times. I’m nervous due to last year’s inexplicable 35-6 beatdown. I’m also a little “over it” since people won’t shut up about the injured QB. I can’t imagine the media firestorm if Young hadn’t gotten injured.

After complaining that my opponent in KCFA3 got 12 touchdowns from his quarterbacks, I calculated my team’s score and it ended up at 265. 200 points is really good in this league. Everyone on my team scored big-time except for a Boise State receiver who didn’t play. If you follow NFL fantasy, you have dozens of places to go to get player information. In college fantasy, you have to check each team’s “official” site, and sometimes that isn’t enough. I’ve had players mysteriously not play in the past two weeks. Last week I lost by one point because of it. This week, I’m waiting with baited breath. We pay for a site to do the stats for us, but they’re Joe Flacco slow in getting the results.

My streaming pitcher hail mary in the AUBL seems to be a failure. Nearly every pitcher I streamed yesterday got rocked. I’m down 10-3 and today’s the last day. I have four starting pitchers going and it appears that I should win a lot of those categories. It was a bad week for three of my offensive players to have season-ending surgery. In leagues where you have limited roster moves, you have to save at least ten for the playoffs. Unlike in football leagues, where most leagues skip the final week, baseball has the championship matchup over the last two weeks of the year. Since 2/3 of teams are out of it, some players are shut down for the year and it’s a mad scramble to find any quality scraps.

Go Titans. Ohio State fans might be the first ones in sporting history to wear paper bags over their heads despite going 11-1.

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  1. jaybebo September 15, 2008 at 11:26 am #

    Just hoping that Palmer gets things together…possibly when Chris Henry returns from his suspension…

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