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OK, so I wasn’t insane for thinking that the Bengals were as bad as they were. I was at the Don Funk Sports Bar yesterday and saw a good portion of the game. Was that a perfect Jeff Fisher game or what? The excessive wind caused issues through the first quarter, but after that the Chris Johnson 51-yard run, the offense got somewhat untracked. I didn’t like seeing Chris Perry tear through a giant hole on that fourth down play en route to a touchdown, but the team came back and actually scored two touchdowns in a quarter. That’s the Titan equivalent to Missouri scoring on their first eight possessions last Saturday.

Collins was steady. He averaged six yards an attempt, which isn’t much. His 66.7 completion percentage along with one sack and zero turnovers was perfect. Once again, the touches were split between Johnson and White. Just like last week, White averaged far fewer yards per carry. He did get the touchdown. White’s probably a RB3 in fantasy now. I couldn’t care less.

Justin Gage actually was a startable fantasy receiver. That happens when he catches balls thrown his way. I was not shocked to see Bo Scaife come back to earth. Don’t expect a lot of 200-yard passing days in the future.

I did feel bad for Hentrich when the fumbled that wind-aided snap and got crushed by multiple defenders. Just like last week, the defense gave up nada after the turnover.

Zach’s Monday fantasy recap: In the AUFL, barring a last-minute stat change, I will lose by a point. The unexpected Texans/Ravens cancellation left me starting Donald Driver (good thing) and Jamal Lewis (bad thing). I had a hunch about Jason Campbell, started Favre instead and paid the price. If Jamal Lewis had one more carry, two more rushing or receiving yards, I would have won via tiebreaker. The upside on the early bye week means that I get Andre Johnson every week, at least until the annual injury.

In z34 I still have Marion Barber and Tony Romo, but I will not make up my 51-point deficit. My early schedule features two teams that were in the final four last year. I thought I had improved.

I’ll be 2-0 in z17. The Larry Johnson trade looks worse and worse, although there is upside in that it never officially was proposed. I’m going to keep my mouth shut. I wish the real Titans owned the Colts like I do in this league. This will be my third victory over the division opponent. Starting 2-0 versus the division is almost as sweet as the real Titans being 2-0.

I have to record my KCFA3 Missouri Tigers performance for posterity. Final score was 263-224. That makes me the top scorer in the league despite my 2-1 record. The 224 points scored by my opponent is tied for second highest single-week score in the league this year. Sometimes bad timing works in your favor. The starting lineup for the Missouri Tigers:

Chase Daniel, QB: 23-28, 405 yards, 12 rushing yards, four TDs (37 points)
Tim Hiller, QB Western Michigan: 23-31, 241 yards (slacker), four TDs (29 points)
Donald Brown, RB UConn: 20-206 rushing, 3 tds; 5-32 receiving (41 points)
Arian Foster, RB Tennessee: 12-100 rushing, 1-22 receiving (12 points)
Thomas Merriweather, RB Miami of Ohio: 26-74 rushing, 3 tds; 2-18 rec (27 points)
Michael Crabtree, WR Texas Tech: 8-164, 3 tds (34 points)
Jeremy Maclin, WR Missouri: 6-172, 3 tds (35 points)
Chase Coffman, TE Missouri: 6-127, 1 td (24 points, PPR for TEs)
Titus Young, WR Boise State: DNP (yeah, I could have flirted with 300)
Matt Harmon, K Navy: 4 xp, 1 fg
Penn State D: 17 points

And to make my final weekend record 2-3, I lost my baseball semifinal matchup 11-2. Without streaming a single pitcher, my opponent had 82.1 innings. I needed to stream 17 pitchers to win the innings battle. Sadly, the only other category I won was stolen bases. I will follow up last year’s championship run with a two-week battle for third place. In the six years of the AUBL, I have finished in 3rd twice. I’ve been consistent, finishing 3rd, first, 3rd, ninth, and first so far.

The Sox have a magic number of 13 after yesterday’s doubleheader sweep. They now help close out Yankee Stadium.

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