Last Stand

We’re in the final 40 days of a very interesting Presidential race, and I think that the majority of America has tuned out. I feel like Lisa Simpson watching Bleeding Gums Murphy perform the national anthem. As the anthem continues, lasting a comically long amount of time, the crowd sags, but Lisa remains upright and enthralled. I can’t believe that I was unable to find that on youtube.

The Republican Party thinks that they don’t need the press, and the Democrats are trying to use the Rove playbook with results as positive as reviews for The Love Guru. And we’re throwing out numbers like 700 billion without it registering much of a blip. I guess if you’re in Atlanta, you are probably waiting in line for gas and don’t have time for the news.

The NFL has gone Wildcat crazy. Against the Patriots, the Dolphins put Ronnie Brown at QB for a few plays and had incredible success. The Raiders tried the same formation with Darren McFadden as the old-school Wing T QB. I wonder if the Titans might try it, or the Vikings, since both teams look like mirror images. Each team features QBs with 14+ years of experience. Gus Frerotte was even a Pro Bowler in 1996. So was Kerry Collins. The Vikings have tried to address the WR position, and the Titans treat the position like a twenty-something who still shops at Goodwill.

The Vikings are great against the run, and the Titans really need the run to be successful. The Titans haven’t given up 200 yards passing in a game yet, and I doubt that streak will end on Sunday. Steve Slaton was somewhat successful, so it’s pretty obvious to say that Adrian Peterson is the key player for the Vikings. I’m looking forward to seeing him in person. I’ll just shut up and listen to the AFC Playbook discussion on the contest.

The White Sox haven’t gotten a hit against Kevin Slowey in the first three innings. It’s a .5-game lead, and if the Twins win, I think they take the division. The Twins get Kansas City at home and the White Sox get a pretty good Indians team. Then the Sox have a final game at home against the Detroit on Monday “if necessary.” They could play a game Monday, a tiebreaker against the Twins on Tuesday, then start a playoff series on Wednesday. That’s not good with an already overworked pitching staff. Guillen’s been playing the starters on three days’ rest and the results have been poor. Joe Mauer just got a hit after an eight-pitch masterpiece at-bat. Yeah, I’m watching on ESPN gamecast.

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