Check the Record

Let’s check the facts. The Titans are 4-0 for the first time since 2008. Kerry Collins is the better journeyman QB than Gus Frerrote. A bottle of water is $4 inside LP field. Some of the fans who booed Vince Young screamed like little girls when he came over to our section to sign a few autographs before halftime. Adrian Peterson is a freak of nature. Justin Gage and Justin McCareins outplayed Minnesota’s free agent duo of Bobby Wade and Bernard Berrian.

My opinions, based on the game:

The price for Albert Haynesworth goes up every week. I think the Titans will pay whatever it takes to get him, and we’re talking $12 million a year. Once they do, Haynesworth will continue to play like an All-Pro, but more little injuries will sideline him. I would not be confident in Kerry Collins’ ability to lead the team to a game-tying touchdown in a two-minute situation. The defense is the clutch unit on the team. For example, when Hentrich pinned the Vikings at the two-yard line with four minutes to go, the game was over. That’s how good the defense is.

There’s a lot of speculation as to what Vince Young being on the sideline meant to the team. I didn’t notice him except for when he signed a few autographs (literally a few) as the game reached halftime. Some reports say that he wasn’t interacting with his team. That could mean that he’s “lost” the team and it could mean that he kept his distance since he wasn’t playing. For this team to win a championship, he has to contribute. It’s my two cents.

My fantasy world has been divided into two camps. Two teams are fantastic and the other two are struggling. Even though my AUFL team has scored more points every week, I lost 104-98 this week. I started Favre and lost. Donald Driver had his worst game since 2004 and Matt Schaub must have forgotten that Andre Johnson is on the team. Jason Campbell’s flourishing this year has come at the expense of Chris Cooley. In z34 I’m 1-3. I’m middle-of-the-road statistically. My receivers are crap and I haven’t paid close enough attention to tell whether my IDPs are any good.

I started a motley crew of backups in my college league and pulled out a victory. My team scored less than half of last week’s output yet I won. There are no more byes for Missouri so I should be in good shape. Considering the slate of upsets, it was a good thing that Missouri didn’t play.

And finally, the White Sox got a gutsy performance from Mark Buehrle, always one of my favorites, to continue what has been one of the more tormenting seasons in team history. To make the playoffs the Sox have to win today against Detroit, facing the pitcher who won the World Series clincher in 2005, then beat Minnesota tomorrow, and after that go directly to Tampa Bay against the story of the 2008 season. The Rockies won a 163rd game last year and had a nice run. I can’t say that I’m looking forward to the Sox doing the same. Of course I still want them to win.

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  1. Anonymous September 29, 2008 at 6:17 pm #

    Boo. Did you get YOUNG’s autograph.
    Chris Johnson, anyone. Bears WIN BEARS WIN, BEARS WIN.

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