Once More, With Feeling

I’ll use a Buffy the Vampire reference to introduce my coverage of tonight’s White Sox/Twins playoff game. It’s actually game number 163, not a playoff game. Do players get an extra 1/162 check for the game? I always wondered.

TV number one is TiVoing Fringe. TV number two is on The Biggest Loser. Welcome to ESPN Gamecast, which might be preferrable to watching an actual baseball game.

Somehow I disabled my add-ons on IE and Foxfire, so I have no gamecast. This is like trying to run on Ken Griffey Jr. Jim Thome hit his 541st career homer to take the lead. Might it be his most clutch homer? Thome does have 17 playoff home runs, which is a pretty solid total.

After five craptastic performances, the Sox pitchers decided to get clutch. Jon Danks has given up one hit and four baserunners in seven innings. Sox fans hoped to get six innings out of him.

I watched the Titans beat the Vikings this weekend. None of the purple-clad Vikings fans spoke like the cast of Fargo. For that, I was sorely disappointed. Could the White Sox finish the sweep tonight?

I just signed up for Twitter tonight. Look for me under the name “zach_law”. The Twitter advantage is that you can only use 140 characters at a time. My two long-time readers just breathed a sigh of relief.

OK, it’s Juan Uribe time. Brian Anderson is on third and Alexi Ramirez is on second. By the time I typed that, Uribe probably has popped up. With two outs, they might walk him. Nope, he flied out.

Six outs to go. I’m going to listen to “Selections from Autumn Thunder”, aka the NFL Films music. Danks comes in to pitch the eighth. It’s funny that Fox Sports doesn’t have a picture of Danks, like he’s a September call-up. Um, you’ve had all year to find a picture. CBS Sporstline isn’t this bad.

Brendan Harris gets a hit with one out in the seventh. He may be called Brendan “freaking” Harris in a minute. M Tolbert (no picture available) comes on to pinch run. Nick Punto grounds into a double play. When Nick Punto is your savior, expect to be not saved. If the ninth is a 1-2-3 inning, practically impossible, the Sox could avoid the Mauer/Morneau/Cuddyer trio.

The Twins put in Nathan with Dye up in the bottom of the eighth. The Twins are saying that if they tie the game, Nathan’s in for the long haul. That means this game has to end in the ninth.

Danks is back. If he had one baserunner, I predict that Jenks comes in. Jenks blew a save against the Twins last week. That’s a great omen.

Oops, I guess Fox Sports was “touched”. They just switched the pitcher to Jenks.

That’s two outs. I think the Sox won, but Fox Sports has Joe Mauer at the plate. There are still three outs in an inning, right?

The White Sox are going to Florida. Take that, Howard Dean.

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