Can’t Help It

It’s too easy to be negative. I tried to talk down my local fantasy league when a rash of negativity led to an ugly encounter at poker night. All positivity did was make people uncomfortable. People are usually uncomfortable when situations are unusual. Being positive is unusual.

In the spirit of negativity, I must share my hateful joy at seeing this result. After every sports outlet offered some Cubs ass-kissery, it was inevitable. I’m sure the Scrubs will rebound but it’s funny to see the stumble.

Funny enough, it was me changing the channel from a Cubs game to the UConn/Louisville game that led to last Friday’s ugly moment. It would be like a Cubs fan to get upset when someone changed the channel from what was a superfluous game.

Speaking of Friday night football, college football just snuck up on me again. It’s on every night this week. It’s tough having to make fantasy lineup decisions prior to Tuesday night. I’m kind of glad that Tuesday night’s Florida Atlantic/MTSU game passed without my knowledge. Rusty Smith hasn’t been the QB2 that he was last year. He scored virtually zero points against a Sun Belt defense. I just realized that I missed my free agent deadline for the week.

Of course the White Sox/Rays game gets the 2:30 afternoon treatment tomorrow. Between the Sox/Rays, the Missouri game getting regional coverage and the Titans not being the local Sunday CBS game, I might have to hoof it to a sports bar at least once this weekend.

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