Farewell, Sox

It’s hard to decide how to judge the White Sox’s season when they were so thoroughly outclassed in their playoff series with the Rays. Every time the Sox would score, the Rays would come back with a run. Andy Sorranstine almost didn’t make the Rays’ rotation yet he was able to shut them down. The Sox couldn’t string together consecutive hits or get any kind of rally going. Sure, the team won fewer games than the 2006 squad that made the playoffs. They still made the playoffs and weren’t completely embarrassed. I find it hard to believe that they can match the Cubs and get consecutive playoff appearances.

If I were Chris Simms, I’d wonder how it all fell apart. He went from a starting QB in the NFL to a missing spleen, and last week the Titans released him so they could keep a second punter on the roster due to Craig Hentrich’s back. The Titans re-signed Simms today. I thought letting Simms go and leaving Young as the only backup was an iffy strategy.

For a column on the NFL’s reluctance to discuss players with depression, spurred by Vince Young’s situation, go to the excellent Edge of Sports blog.

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