There Is No Bye Week

The Titans are off this week. Five years and two-plus weeks ago, I was married on the Titans’ bye week. On my wedding day, my cousin proudly gave me score updates from the Missouri-Texas Tech game. Missouri won 62-31, and I expect this weekend’s Missouri-Oklahoma State game to end with a similar score.

This blog is sponsored by the Don Funk Sports Bar, which will be reopening this weekend. The Bears are in town to play the Falcons and we do not care.

Let’s make a totally unscientific comparison: Oklahoma State has scored 39, 56, 57, 55 and 56 points in four games. Washington State, Missouri State, Houston, Troy, and Texas A&M are not a murderer’s row, but they are in a narrow color band from red to maroon. The defense has yielded 115 points, or 23 a game. Missouri has given up 100, although 58 points in the last four games is respectable. Even though Missouri is the better team historically, Oklahoma State has three 10-win teams in the past 25 years. Missouri has two ever, and one was last year.

Missouri has not gone three and out this year. The Titans go three and out three or four times a quarter (estimated).

Oklahoma State once had Barry Sanders and Thurman Thomas on the same team, yet they could not break through the Oklahoma/Nebraska strangehold on the Big 8. Do you think they can beat one of the most efficient offenses in college football. I can assume that this man has another meltdown in his future.

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