Red River Rivalry

The Oklahoma-Texas game was the best contest I’ve seen all year. There was a lot of future NFL talent on the field. The two QBs look a lot like my guy, Chase Daniel. What I mean by that is they are deadly accurate and can run when needed. It was the old fashioned big players making big plays in big games contest. Oklahoma took the 14-3 lead and Texas didn’t flinch. If Missouri wins tonight, it’s possible that Texas will take on the number one team in the country two weeks in a row. Has that ever happened?

I think Oklahoma will lose another game. I don’t think Texas will go undefeated even if they expose Missouri next week. It’s college football, so anything can happen.

I’ve also enjoyed watching the Notre Dame-North Carolina game. It’s always fun watching Notre Dame lose. I do give Charlie Weis props for standing on the sideline with a torn ACL.

Is Vanderbilt losing really an upset? They have no offense. Vandy will be lucky to go 7-5. That’s the truth.

Tonight’s game will hinge on the defenses. If Missouri can get a couple of early turnovers, they will put boot to neck. If Oklahoma State can get a stop or two and start pounding the ball, it will get interesting. The guarantee is that Oklahoma State will have the ball for longer. Missouri prefers to score quickly.

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