Positivity Day Two

Earlier this morning, I posted a particularly negative message on my league’s board after the New York Giants D failed to score two points and assure me a victory. The negativity was based on what the player (have to call a team defense one player, as odd as that sounds) underperformed. I could have started the Tampa Bay defense and won handily. I also could have started Derek Anderson or Jamal Lewis and won. I doubt that one percent of attention-paying fantasy owners started Anderson. Jamal Lewis over Willis McGahee was probably more of a 50/50 proposition.

It’s easy to be negative when my 2-4 team has outscored two 4-2 teams and is only three points behind the other 4-2 squad. My record isn’t a death sentence on my season, as half of the league is at 2-4 or worse. Also the fact that Lewis and Anderson are fantasy-relevant is critical. I can start Lewis and Matt Forte every week, and now I can choose the best matchup of Jason Campbell, Brett Favre, and Anderson, knowing that I will choose the wrong one.

How can I be positive about…Pacman? I can be positive that the Titans were right to let him go and that the fourth round pick they got for Pacman, Lavelle Hawkins, is for a player who, while not suspended, has been injured all year. Hawkins should help the Titans, if not this year, in future years. Pacman’s probably a free agent after this year.

The Lions traded Roy Williams to the Cowboys for multiple draft picks. This is a great trade for the Lions, and it allows them to draft not one but two wide receivers in next year’s first round. Oh I am a card. This is a high price to pay, and the Cowboys seem to have other issues besides iffy wideouts. Maybe they’ll turn the corner. I know it’s a positive thing that I am not a Lions fan. Although I havea fantasy team called the Lions.

Oh, I just heard that the Titans will indeed give up a fifth round pick next year because of Pacman’s suspension. So they got a fourth rounder and gave up a fifth rounder. In short, the Titans really wanted to be rid of Jones. Neither the Titans, nor the Cowboys from what we’ve seen so far, are missing much.

Talk about burying the lead: The Titans are the sole remaining undefeated team after the Giant debacle last night. I’m still nervous about the rejuvinated Colts and Jags. Maintaining their 2+ game lead for another week is a good idea. I’m going out on a very short limb by saying that so far, the Titanics have exceeded expectations. Considering how the Redskins played against the Rams after an excellent start, I’m not going to crow at all.

Excuse me while I spend the next 30 minutes reading Gregg Easterbrook’s weekly epic.

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