Positivity part three

I was so positive that I skipped my blog yesterday. I tried to be a good boy by working on my CSS homework and exercising. I TiVo’d the debate but probably won’t watch it. I feel bad for Joe the Plumber. He’ll get his own segment in “I love 2008” on VH1.

Missouri is part of the crazy Big 12 calvalcade that continues this weekend. It really is an elimination game of sorts. Missouri can win the Big 12 North even if they lose this weekend, but any pretentions of BCS would be just about gone. Texas put a lot into last week’s showdown with Oklahoma. It’s going to be tight. I may go to a sports bar to watch this one after torturing my wife by yelling at the TV the past couple of Saturday nights.

I haven’t written a word about the Titans heading to Kansas City for the second straight year. KC was where Vince Young completed one of his eight 20-plus yard passes last year. I don’t expect too much of a game, although Redskins and Giants fans thought that last week and look where they ended up. The defense should shut down a Chief offense that has struggled outside a game against the Broncos. Hmm. . . they were undefeated too. I guess I should be worried but I’m not putting much thought into it.

I am enjoying the “Titans as the best team in the NFL because everyone else has a loss . . . and are you sure that no one else is undefeated?” theme from sportswriters this week. Divisional champs turn over yearly but people can’t handle a new king of the hill. I’m not saying that the Titans will hold onto their perch forever. 6-0 is good enough for me.

Here’s my positive message of the day. People with weight issues have the urge to get on a scale every day. That’s a bad idea. I feel the same about checking my 401k. Do it once a week and that’s it. There’s no reason to make yourself crazy. Just like the rest of the country, you have to ride out the rough times.

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