Franchise Jealousy

Can I be jealous of a franchise while being in total disgust of most of its fans? After the Red Sox rallied from a 7-0 deficit with seven outs left in their season, you have to believe that anything is possible. This is the same team that overcame 3-0 and 3-1 deficits in the past four years. Most of the 2004 squad isn’t on the roster. Somehow, the magic remains. I’ll keep an eye on Game 6 tonight as I watch Missouri/Texas.

The last team to beat the Red Sox in an elimination game? The White Sox.

When your fantasy team has three mediocre quarterbacks, do you really have even one? I have to decide between Jason Campbell, Brett Favre, and Derek Anderson this weekend. It’s a critical matchup since I’m 2-4 and so is my opponent. Stupid Roddy White is on a bye.

This week’s ESPN defense/special teams rankings put the Giants at number two. Did they see last Monday Night’s game? Now I have to stew that over with the Bucs versus the Seahawks as my other option.

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