The End of Positivity?

A tough weekend for my real and fantasy teams finished with an easy Titan win. You know your team is dominating when LenDale White runs for 80 yards unmolested. Yes, there were other football players on the field. At least I learned that Chris Johnson is a better football player than bongo player. That had to be the best TD celebration all year.

I’m watching a banner evening for Tampa Bay. I need the Bucs D to score 13 more fantasy points or else I’m 2-5 in the AUFL. My Favre gamble did not pay off, as he was my third-rated QB this week. Willis McGahee, after doing nothing last week, was my top scoring running back. On the bench. Such is life, eh?

I just watched Willy Aybar hit a home run to give the Rays a 3-1 lead. Can they vanquish the Red Sox? Ther are six outs to go.

Let me give a way too late shout-out to the Don Funk Sports bar. The sports bar saw its first Titan/Bear dual victory of the season. My friend benched the Chicago D on his fantasy team and probably lost the week because of it. He’ll take a Bear win instead, although we agree that the orange jerseys have to go. Any franchise with the history and dignity of the Bears should not go neon orange, ever. Today’s culinary attempt, the onion burger with cheddar cheese inside the burger, was less successful than the Franks burger from last week.

Last year Sports Illustrated put Delmon Young and Elijah Dukes on the cover, predicting, somewhat jokingly, that the Rays would be a contender in three years. They were two years early. The Rays traded Young for Jason Bartlett and Matt Garza. Garza pitched seven innings tonight. Bartlett just booted a ground ball in the top of the 8th.

I liked hearing how John Madden spent his “off” Sunday at a football game. He got to watch Brett Favre choke it up. Unless the Packers draft another WR with the selection they got in the trade, they got the better end of the trade with the Jets.

Wait, Dan Wheeler’s pitching in the 8th inning? Didn’t the Rays try this same move in Game 5? The Red Sox have the winning run at the plate.

Missouri dropped to 16 in the polls after Saturday’s beat-down. They could creep back up into the top ten in a few weeks. Or they could lose to Colorado for Homecoming.

Ortiz is at the plate. It’s crunch time. It’s a fielder’s choice and there are two outs.

With the bases loaded and two outs, the Rays will bring in David Price. Price, last year’s number one pick, has 15 MLB innings under his belt. Wow. He gets the strikeout.

I thought that my z34 team was toast. After a 1-3 start, I’m about to win my third straight and take over first place in my division.

Last team to rally from two runs down in a game seven Championship series: The Braves over the Pirates. Yep, that might have been the last playoff game in Pirate history.

Price strikes out Kotsay and Varitek. There’s one out to go. Joe Maddon needed four pitchers to get through the eighth. He’s not switching now. The Rays win. Good weekend for Tampa Bay. Except for crushing one of my fantasy teams.

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