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Tonight I will discuss the standing of each of my fantasy teams. This should bore even my die-hard readers.

KCFA 3 (Missouri Tigers, 6-2): The Missouri Tigers in fantasy lost as the real Tigers did, except to a different Big 12 South team. The Oklahoma Sooners gave the Tigers their first loss since week two. While the real Tigers face an easier schedule for the next month, this version of the Tigers play 6-2 Cal, 7-1 Washington, and 6-2 North Texas (defending champs). I will be the division champ with the all-important bye if I win all three games. My division has five of the best six teams in the league, and so far against the juggernauts, I’m 0-2.

My draft was terrible in KCFA3. I haven’t started a single player that I drafted this year. Luckily I’ve been able to pick up plenty of waiver-wire studs. In college fantasy, don’t sweat the draft. My RB depth is bad and that’s big if you want to win. If your QBs don’t put up around 30 points a week, you’re sunk. I once defeated a team with 12 QB touchdowns in one week, so I know what it takes. I’d like to win the national title that Missouri won’t compete for. More likely is that I will sneak into the playoffs and lose in the first round.

z17 (Tennessee Titans, 5-2): The defending champs have cooled off after a great start. I have my division nearly clinched with a three game lead. The struggle is to get the first-round bye. The two teams that beat me are the other 5-2 teams in my conference. I did lose one game by less than a point. I’m struggling at QB due to Peyton Manning playing like he’s going against the University of Florida every week. Marion Barber, Michael Turner, and LenDale White comprise a nice RB trio. Reggie Wayne and Greg Jennings are a nice WR duo. I may go with the TE duo of Dallas Clark and Owen Daniels instead of a streaky third WR like Isaac Bruce (an original franchise member) and Dwayne Bowe. It seems like my IDP players are performing.

I want to defend my title. Anything less than that will be considered a failure.

And in my first two leagues, I’m the top scorer. That should stand for something.

z34 (Tennessee Titans, 4-3): After a 1-3 start, I’ve won three in a row, including a week in which I started a LB on a bye week. We completed a division shakeup in the offseason. The result is that five of the teams in the NFC have more points than top scorer in the AFC. I’m in the NFC. This was going to be a rebuilding year. Then I got Matt Forte in the rookie draft and picked up Sammy Morris as a free agent. Tony Romo’s injury will hurt me a bit. This is a team with upside since I have two first-round picks next year. Other than Bernard Berrian I have about nothing at WR. It’s tough getting four startable WR/TEs. This might be the most competitive league, with two 6-1 teams, one 1-6 team and everyone else at 4-3 or 3-4. I want to make the playoffs and anything after that is a bonus.

AUFL (Detroit Lions of Buckhead, 2-5): This is my one disappointing team. I got crushed by 40 in my opening game. Since then I lost by one, won by 27, lost by six, won by 54, lost by two, and lost by 17. I’m the fifth highest scoring team in the league. Now that I have three capable running backs and two stud wide receivers with no byes left, I should be able to slot in one QB who can score at least ten points. My goal here is to make the playoffs. That’s it.

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