An Unqualified Success

The LaDainian Tomlinson trade was a success. For the other team. I lost to drop my record to 2-6. I am solidly in 10th place, a slight improvement from my usual 11th place finish. My last-minute move to replace Nate Washington with Josh Morgan in my starting lineup sealed my fate. I’d probably lose anyway, as my opponent has Chris Johnson going tomorrow night.

I liked Missouri’s comeback Saturday night. They wailed on the at least a year away Colorado Buffaloes. How freaking good is the Big 12 South? There are four top ten teams and I don’t know if Missouri could beat any of them on a neutral field. Missouri’s prize for taking the Big 12 North, looking more like a certainty after Kansas’s crushing defeat against Texas Tech, is another potential beat-down. At least they should do better than the Alamo Bowl. Missouri will go to their fourth bowl in a row since the 1978-81 seasons.

An interesting subplot to this year’s title chase is the BCS race. Right now Boise State and Utah would qualify for the BCS with top-12 rankings. Would a 12-0 Boise State team keep an 11-1 Oklahoma or Texas team out of a BCS bowl? Even Tulsa and Ball State are still on pace to go undefeated, although neither team will reach 12 in the rankings. Tulsa has an outside chance if they can go to Arkansas and win. A 13-0 Tulsa team deserves a better bowl game than a 7-5 SEC squad.

I will go 2-2 this week at best in fantasy. My college squad won a tight one, and will play the top team in the league next week. My z17 team is down by 9 with Monday night to go. I have LenDale White, Reggie Wayne, and Freddie Keaiho while he has Marvin Harrison. I refuse to cheer for Colts to perform well. If Wayne has to catch a TD pass in a 33-7 game, so be it. In z34, after feeling good about myself, I got crushed by 58. I had no depth this week.

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