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I passed the first test in my Emory Web Certification. I took this HTML class more than a year ago and studied using my trusty buddy w3schools. After realizing that I was allowed to try the test twice without failing, I took the plunge. Some of the questions were poorly written. Some of the questions involved HTML concepts I had never heard of. Some of them were copied directly from the w3schools quiz. The testing reminded me of the SAT, in that some times I might not know the answer, but I was able to eliminate the three wrong ones. In the end, I got 80% correct.

My wife can cluck like a chicken to Rod Stewart’s “If You Want My Body”. I’m a lucky man.

I’ve found that when trying to be humorous on my fantasy football Web site, I am almost guaranteed to annoy someone. Luckily we’re the kind of league that goes the passive-aggressive route.

Does the Phillie Phanatic get a playoff share? Man that was the most anticlimactic World Series ever. I feel for Phillies fans since no one but about 1,000 White Sox fans cared when they won the World Series. Brad Lidge just made himself a ton of money.

I’m still basking in the glow of a legit Titan win over the Colts. I can enjoy this until Sunday at 1 p.m.

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