Life Continued

I passed my second test tonight. I took all but 14 seconds of my hour to complete the Cascading Style Sheets test.

Notes for the weekend: Missouri goes to Baylor tomorrow afternoon. Missouri last lost to Baylor in 1991. Baylor last had a winning season in the Southwestern Conference’s final season. They didn’t even go to a bowl. Baylor won its only SWC title in 1980. Considering the state of the Big 12 South, it’s hard to see Baylor slipping into a bowl any time soon. Baylor’s freshman QB Robert Griffin hasn’t thrown an interception yet. He’s obviously overdue.

Stat of the day: Missouri’s 379 points in eight games is more than the team has scored in any but three seasons in team history. Last year’s 558 points are in jeopardy.

Everyone thinks that the Titans will lose to the Packers. That’s why I’m not worried. The Pack won’t shut down the run like the Titans did. I was annoyed that the AFC Playbook didn’t show a thing about what the Titans would do. Sure, the Packers have excellent receivers. Haven’t Dallas Clark, Reggie Wayne, and Marvin Harrison made like 15 Pro Bowls between them? I’m just saying.

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