Zach Without Sports Day 2: Election Day

Before I start, should it really be called Election Day anymore? In 2000 we had to wait weeks before determining the President. In 2004 we weren’t completely sure of who would be president until the following morning. I’m just saying.
At least in Georgia, I noticed that kids have no school today, yet most employed folks had to sneak out of work to vote. They do realize that kids don’t vote, right?

I got in line to vote at 6:40 and left the polling place at 8:40. The decision to wait until Election Day was sound. There were about 100 people ahead of us in the line. We live in a condo complex next door to the old folk’s home that is the polling location. The doors opened at 7 and we moved near the front. There is a long hallway leading to the polling room. It’s maybe half the size of our entire condominium. There were maybe eight people working there. Two were in crowd control. Three ladies took our voting forms and checked ID. Another two ladies took our IDs and forms again and issued the yellow voting cards. The crowd-control guys thought it would be a good idea to cram everyone into this room, creating three lines. The room wasn’t air-conditioned and the maintenance staff wouldn’t arrive until 9. I wore three layers and nearly broke into a sweat.

While I spent countless hours looking into the Presidential candidates, I knew next to nothing, and in some cases literally nothing, about the local candidates. There were long lists of judicial nominees, and I wondered how the nominee got the higher spot on the computerized screen, because from what I know about usability, people read from the top down. I finished voting in record time and waited for A to complete her ballot. We went home and I headed to work an hour later. The line was nonexistent by that time.

My career numbers in Presidential voting are 2-2. Does that remind anyone else of my fantasy teams’ performance so far this year? Here’s hoping that I push above .500 today.

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