Zach without Sports Day 3: I Can’t Enjoy Anything

I’ve gotten to the point where I am not sure that I can enjoy anything. Even though I promised not to write about sports this week, I have to mention my favorite team to make a point. The Titans are 8-0, and clearly frontrunners for home-field advantage in the AFC. When I read a stat that said that of the past five teams to start at least 8-0, only two won the Super Bowl, I felt relaxed, like my feeling that something bad is about to happen is justified. It’s kind of nutty.

That’s how I feel about last night’s historical Presidential election. I was on the Obama bandwagon early after I listened to his book on CD. This was his first book, written to cover the time period before he went to Harvard Law School. Between that and his inspiring speech at the 2004 Democratic Convention, I was sold. He was the late-round sleeper who developed into a stud.

I can’t totally relax and enjoy the victory. I’m waiting for some kind of electoral malfeasance to come up, or for someone to pinch me and tell me that it was all a dream. It’s a natural defense mechanism, especially since the current president is still running the show until January 20, or two days after the Titans may be on their way to the Super Bowl. Hey, I’m not perfect.

Last night was truly a historical moment, but the deep-seated sarcasm and cynicism won out. The moment I recall is Jesse Jackson with tears in his eyes. The first thing that my fast-twitch brain picked up was Jackson calling Obama out on an open mic during a commercial for a TV appearance. Last night was beyond petty squabbling, and I hadn’t totally grasped that.

It’s a key time for the nation, but it’s not a deal-breaker if things get flubbed up. After all, that’s what nations do. The cynical side of me felt that the election reinforced that perception is reality. At the same time, the unfiltered side realized that it’s OK to really want something to happen. Because some times it does.

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