Zach without sports day five: The upside of humiliation

I think to truly feel like a human, you must have one humiliating experience per day. Mine for November 7, 2008: I was about to leave the company restroom when the next guy entering pushed the door open extra wide to let me sneak out without the indignity of touching the door. I put my foot out to catch the door, missed, lost my balanced and smashed my elbow into the door jam. I limped out and had to walk down the hall so I could quietly laugh at myself and simultaneously wait for the feeling to go back into my arm.

Car update: The wife has fixed her car issues and we are a two-car family again. This is good since I have discovered some new podcasts. I will listen to the Loveline reunion of AC and Dr. Drew on the way home from work.

Humiliation part two: I failed my first Web test. It’s tough when you take a test on a subject that is a little more vague like “Starting and Running a Successful Website.” I needed 75% to pass and did not make 50%. I have to get over my failure issues and find a way to make it right. It doesn’t help that the study materials are from 2005, my notes are incomplete and I took the class in August.

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