College Scenarios

Can we agree that the BCS is set up for one good game and a pile of crap otherwise? No one’s going to be compelled by Cincinnati/Boston College, or an Oregon State/Penn State rematch. If Boise State and Ball State finish undefeated and do not get a BCS bid, the bowls should be shuffled so the teams can play each other. Move the eighth ACC team from the Humanitarian to the Motor City to play whoever’s the seventh or eighth best team in the Big Ten. I know letting the champ of these smaller conferences play an also-ran in the big conferences should be a good matchup, but it’s not that compelling. Remember when Tulane was undefeated and had to play BYU in their bowl game? Even when Utah got their chance, they played a mediocre (by BCS standards) Pitt team when an undefeated Auburn was available.

I know a playoff is currently unlikely, but can we at least get some good bowl matchups? Texas Tech could finish 11-1 and play 8-4 (at best) Mississippi.

One more thing before I move on: The two teams that got BCS bowl bids over Missouri, and the two BCS teams that Missouri beat (a good sign you don’t deserve to be a BCS team) are 11-12 this year. Kansas should finish 6-6 and get a nice pre-Christmas bowl bid. It’s sad that Gary Pinkel needed his second raise in two years to get more money than Mark Mangino.

It’s fantasy time. I am a few what-ifs from having three out of four playoff teams. My college team is done, although there is a consolation game during bowl season that could help my 2009 draft slot slightly. In z17 I will defend my title. I need to win and have the Vikings lose to get a first-round playoff bye. In z34 I need to win and have one of two teams lose to get a playoff spot. I’ll either be the wild card or a division champ and play that week if it happens. In this league, my “top” wideout is Bernard Berrian, so I am scouring the waiver wire big-time.

It’s either win or accept that the season is close to the end. No way, dude.

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