Titan worries

Is it really time for the obsessed Titan fan to worry? I know that not every team that has started 10-0 has made the Super Bowl, let alone a playoff game. The 2003 Chiefs lost against the Colts. The 2005 Colts were 13-0 and lost a memorable game to the Steelers in their first and only playoff game. In fact until two years ago the Colts seemed to start 10-0 every year only to fade at the end.

The Titans aren’t strong in the middle of the offensive line, as Marc Faletti of Footballguys.com keeps saying on their podcast. They’ve also been lucky, with the worst opposing field goal percentage, as Aaron Schatz of Footballoutsiders.com mentioned in his podcast appearance with the Sports Guy. Thanks, Bill, for mentioning that the Titans may have peaked too soon.

How do they turn it around? Playing the Lions will help. We won’t learn much about the Titans in the next three weeks. I do agree with Schatz that the playoffs will be all about matchups. Peyton Manning and the Colts will be a tough matchup. While a game against the Ravens would be a slugfest, I like the defense versus Joe Flacco. Ditto the Steelers, although their run game isn’t so good.

It’s still a little early to project. Having the Lions tomorrow is like having a 70 degree day in December. You relish every moment. I may be in a food coma for the second half, but I’ll have to soldier through. This game will not be on NFL Replay.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving, faithful readers. I will be at the Don Funk Sports Bar (and grill, although the grill will stay cold tomorrow).

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