A Most Agreeable Holiday

We were 0 for 3 on contested games yesterday. The closest of the three was a game in which the Seattle Seahawks didn’t score a touchdown. The prime-time game demonstrated what a playoffs with the Cardinals will look like.

The opening game, of course, was the most fun Titans game I’ve watched in a while. There was no doubt for a second who was going to win. The only minor suspense was whether LenDale and Chris would both get 100-yard games. The defense stepped up, the offensive line blew open holes for the first time in a month, and the team scored nine times. Has the franchise ever scored nine times in a game?

Much will be made of Vince Young’s cameo. He looked good in a brief appearance. Let’s remember two things. It was the Lions. His 54-yard pass to Ahmad Hall on third and one was a great play call. The ball traveled maybe two yards in the air. He had another completion called back due to penalty.

At this point in the year, it’s simple. Keep winning and sew up home-field advantage. The Titans need one more win or one Colt loss to win the division. That’s one home game. While the Thanksgiving game in Detroit seemed like a tough assingment at the start of the season, it ended up being like a second bye week. That will be crucial in December. Next up is Derek Anderson and the Browns.

Now I will discuss the day of feasting at the Don Funk Sports grill. There was no grill activity and that was fine. We watched the first half and ate at halftime. While I made the mashed potatoes and took sole responsibility of drinking the beer, the wives were the MVPs. There were two different types of turkey, potatoes, mac and cheese, rice casserole, squash casserole, rolls, and probably two or three more things that I can’t remember. My one culinary mistake was drinking a Cosendonk Brown Ale during the meal. A heavy beverage of any kind does not go well with calorie nirvana.

I watched every moment of the second half with glee while Don was bored. We napped, as America and the Seahawks did, during the first half of the second game. We’re looking at a possible Giants/Cowboys second-round playoff game rematch, and if Marion Barber and DeMarcus Ware are healthy, it should be a good one.

The pumpkin gooey cake following my mid-afternoon coma almost led to coma number two. We probably made enough food to feed ten. So there are no worries about figuring out what to eat this weekend. It’s a little strange that there were three football games on Thursday and we’ll have the same situation on Sunday. I’ll make it, somehow.

Thanks to Zealots’ strange kicker scoring (3 points per kick and .1 bonus point for every yard above 30), Rob Bironas scored 22.8 points yesterday. It’s good to start a must-win game with 63 points from your first three players.

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