In hopes of a speedy recovery

I’ll start with a quick tidings of all things healthy to Angela Amann. She is the wife of Jason, who is my boss. Jason was on the Colorado State football team that decimated Missouri in the 1997 Holiday Bowl. I do not hold a grudge. Angela’s going to have a surgical procedure tomorrow. Jason and I know there is no such thing as a minor surgical procedure. He gets to take care of his wife and I get to do all his work. I think that’s an even trade.

The owner of the Don Funk Sports bar is about to complete an unhappy weekend of football. Sunday was unusual in that neither of our teams played while we watched the early and late afternoon games. Don watched as all of his fantasy players let him down. Don suffers from late-season overthink. This happens when you’ve been through a few tough losses and start making wacky roster moves. I am often guilty of this. In the last minute, I substituted Santonio Holmes for Donald Driver. Driver outscored Holmes by seven points. I’m losing by nine. Andre Johnson should get the nine, but it could have been so much easier.

Thanks to a bunch of stinking computers, Missouri gets to play Oklahoma this week. After discussing the issue all day via e-mail with my no-good lawyer friend, we decided that Missouri should be 11-1 at this point. An 11-1 Missouri team that had pulled out tough victories against Oklahoma State and Kansas would be able to compete with Oklahoma. This team will struggle early and if so Oklahoma could put up the kind of offensive showcase that will compare with a sad October evening in Austin. Derek Washington needs to be prominently involved. Oklahoma’s starting their third different MLB, and QB Sam Bradford has torn ligaments in his non-throwing hand. The Sooners will be playing for a national title shot, so there will be no quarter if the score is 35-10 at halftime.

I have made the playoffs in my two zealots leagues. In z17 I needed two straight losses by the Vikings to win home-field advantage and it happened. I only need to win two games to claim my second consecutive title. In z34 I will be the wild card team and will play the top scoring team in the league next week.

It seems like the Titans played two weeks ago. The Browns lost Derek Anderson and Kellen Winslow for next week’s game. I don’t think the Titans needed the help, but they will take it.

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