Best Distraction Ever

I’ll keep saying that my best athletic achievement in the past month was beating Sweden 18-6 in Nintendo Ice Hockey. We made a family purchase of a Wii system last weekend. The first thing I did was go online and load the game to my system. It’s pretty cool that you can get these games, and another revenue stream for Wii, which is inventing new ways to get lots of money from users. Every game has its own controller or control extension.

The “genius” of the Wii is the ability to mimic real action. Naturally I wanted to play the old-school game that nearly tore my thumb off. I must have had calluses back in the day. I had a few heated contests with the Czechs before finally prevailing. Then I turned up the heat by moving the game speed up to “2” and crushed the poor Swedes.

I was halfway through setting my playoff lineup in z17 before realizing that I had a bye week. Oh well. I’m trying to finish my AUFL season with a three-game winning streak. Sweeping my division opponents will give me a small measure of satisfaction. If I can follow that up with a Colt .45 (losers bracket) title that would be a five-game streak going into 2009. I’d be unstoppable.

I think it’s funny how in z34, next to Shaun Alexander’s name is “bye.” He was released by the Redskins and his maroon jersey should be available as a throwback curiosity one of these days. Marion Barber’s my top RB and he’s injured. Not only that, he faces the Steelers. I may pass on Barber and start Peyton Hillis and Sammy Morris. Hillis was the last of four Denver running backs on my roster. One finally panned out.

One downside of having a dynasty roster is that you have too many players. I have 14 running backs so naturally I set a lineup without Matt Forte. He might be able to help me this week. I dunno. This is the last time I try to make serious fantasy decisions after working, taking a three-hour class at Emory, having an hour of Wii to wind down and then sitting in front of the computer. Good night, all.

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