Thank you, distraction

In the middle of another Missouri meltdown, the holiday party I attended shifted to playing Scene It on the football TV. I was grateful.

I will give Gary Pinkel credit for not wearing the visor at the Big 12 Championship game. Let’s be honest, the only Big 12 title game that would have been worth a crap was Texas/Oklahoma. Sometimes the best two teams in a conference are not the division champs. Alabama and Florida were clearly the best in the SEC. Boston College and Virginia Tech were the best in their divisions for a week and that’s enough for the ACC. I’m pretty sure that Ball State was the best team in the MAC to a level that a championship game was mostly superfluous. No one told Buffalo.

Sam Bradford is really good, but I think a dozen quarterbacks in the country could put up similar numbers with that offensive line. I don’t think any other QB could do what Tim Teabow has done at Florida.

Even though Oklahoma has scored on everyone, it hurt to see that level of destruction. I hope that they get a bowl matchup that’s more favorable than anyone on par with a Big 12 school.

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