Feeling Forte’s pain

It only took one carry for Matt Forte to make me feel the pain that fantasy football has brought to me all year. Forte left the game after the first Bear offensive play of the game. I only have Forte in one league’s loser bracket, but it’s important. I’m trying to avoid the last-place game for the fourth straight year. My loser playoff skills have been as apparent as the Eagles hosting the NFC Championship game.

Forte returned in the second quarter and scored a touchdown. I should be safe, since my opponent is currently starting Matt Hasselback at quarterback. This is the same team that finished with one more win than me, yet lost by an average of 47 points a game. I defeated this team by 54 points, and that was my only out of division victory all year. In order to ensure my victory (my team is favored by 39 points by the ever-drunk CBS Sportsline preview machine), I had to protest two roster moves that our Commish made this week. Yes, I was afraid of Seneca Wallace and Reggie Williams.

Lance Moore is one guy in his starting lineup this week. During the game Chris Collinsworth mentioned how Moore and Pierre Thomas were undrafted free agents who are now starters for the Saints. Doesn’t that just mean that the guys they drafted suck? The Saints took Robert Meachem at wideout, and I like them wasted a first round draft pick on him. The Saints also drafted Antonio Pittman at running back in the fourth round, and released him at the end of last year’s training camp to keep Thomas.

So far the Saints look like a team that wins every other game and is a very different team on the road. Their only TD was on a one-yard drive. I don’t think the winner of this game is a playoff team no matter who wins.

I have one team left in the fantasy playoffs. That means I need to focus on, sigh, the real games. I expect the Titans to struggle in Houston, but as usual, they will pull out the victory. I do want next week’s showdown with the Steelers to mean something. Fisher won’t bench his starters even if the Titans clinch a playoff spot, but he may end up not playing them very long.

It’s funny that the sportswriters insisted that the Yankees should try to develop young players rather than go with the quick fix through free agency. The first thing they do is overpay C.C. Sabathia, who wanted another team to make a competitive offer. Seven years, $160 million. So much for the economy.

I’ll end by shouting out to the Don Funk Sports Bar. Don refused to start the Bears defense this week in a critical playoff matchup. Remember this, Don, when you draft in the middle of the first round next year and complain because I have a high draft pick due to my amazing suckitude.

Matt Forte has eleven total yards of offense, yet I am confident that he will score 20 points for me tonight. That’s my final answer.

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