The end is near

This weekend represents the last full weekend of NFL football in 2008. Let’s take a moment for a collective sigh. For true NFL fans, this weekend will trigger flashbacks. We will be reminded of week four of the preseason. The Lions were undefeated and most teams played scrub-ball for full price. The same thing’s going to happen in a lot of NFL stadia this weekend.

Titans/Colts will not be a replay of last year’s game. Last year, much was made over the Colts playing second stringers for most of the game. Browns fans in particular were incensed. Hey Browns fans, remember losing to the Bengals? You should remember since the Bengals doubled their win total against you last week. I know, I wouldn’t wish Ken Dorsey on my worst enemy. In short, starters may play in this game, but they won’t finish. Vince Young will play against the same defense that Kerry Collins moved on last January. Chris Henry might see the field. The defensive line backup team will play the entire game. Tony Brown might be the only DL starter to play.

Actually six of this weekend’s games have zero playoff potential. Ten out of 16 ain’t so bad. Out of the ten, only three feature both teams with playoff potential. We’ll all be watching Miami/New York, Dallas/Philadelphia, and Denver/San Diego. Only the night game features two teams that know if they win, they’re in.

I expect that at the Don Funk Sports Bar we’re going to see a lot of Giants/Vikings and Bears/Texans. Hey Bears, take it easy on Forte. I need him next year. This could be a rare tripleheader at casa de Funk. As we all know, after this weekend there are 11 games left. Sigh.

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