One of my favorite college basketball rules is the one and one. When a guy is forced to make his first free throw in order to get the second, there’s extra pressure on the first shot. That’s where the Titans stand, except there’s is a one and one and one (or one, one, and one).

Today’s game was a farce. I think the NFL should offer partial refunds for these preseason-esque games. Fans pay top dollar to see Manning and Chris Johnson and even Kerry Collins. When they get the Jim Sorgi show and the Titans don’t care show, it’s a shame. Sure, you can look at the Steelers, who collectively swallowed their tongues as Roethisberger was carted off the field on their pointless win over the Browns. There’s too much at stake to take chances, but the fans deserve better.

It lines up like this. The Titans will play the Ravens, the Colts, or the Chargers. I don’t see the Broncos making a rally in tonight’s game. Bringing in the Ravens will remind fans of the terrible divisional playoff loss in 2001. We all should have known in that moment that 2001 was not going to be a good year. The Colts last lost a game to the Titans in late October, so a rematch would be perfect. The Chargers ended the Titans’ season last year. So there’s a lot on the line.

It was an enjoyable final regular season day at the Don Funk Sports Bar. The games were not all they could be. The Bears blew a shot at a playoff game thanks to epic chokes by the Cowboys and Bucs. The Titans were shut out for the first time in a long time. I wonder when was the last time a Super Bowl champ was shut out in its final regular season game. Ugh.

I really think that the division champ shouldn’t get an automatic home game. If the Chargers have four fewer wins than the Colts, the Chargers should travel. So should the Cardinals in their game against the Falcons. The Colts are going to be one of the best Wild Card teams since, uh oh, the Ravens in 2001. The Titans in 2000 weren’t too shabby either. Note that the last three Super Bowl champs have played on Wild Card weekend.

Congratulations to Chris Henry for being active in a game for the first time since last year. Hold on to your game jersey, because it’s doubtful that will happen again.

It’s official. The Titans will host the afternoon game on January 10. I prefer a little sun to no sun at all. Speaking of playoff memories, the last time the Titans hosted a divisional playoff game, it was the late afternoon game against the Steelers. That’s the kind of memory I’d like to keep with me.

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