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In a They Might Be Giants tribute song to the Homestar Runner character Strongbad, the prickly character hears the first few words of the song and replies “Vomit inducing. My favorite.”

Welcome to the 2008 Alamo sponsored by a company no one’s ever heard of. It’s sickeningly familiar to watch Missouri’s offense struggle and the defense give up chunks of yardage. Chase Daniel threw two interceptions, one on a play in which two receivers ended up at the same spot and deflected the ball to a defender. There were three neutral zone infractions. The running game was a joke. Only Jeremy Maclin, soon to be the player the Dolphins thought Ted Ginn would be, saved the half with a breathtaking punt return. I think he traveled the 75 yards on two seconds.

Naturally, the man with a 40 time on par with Chris Johnson has averaged about five yards a touch outside of the punt return TD. Missouri is known for the dink and dunk approach. I’d like to see a few downfield attempts.

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