It’s a jersey thing

A chat with one of my co-workers faded from NFL playoff talk to the jerseys that we both own. I am not terribly proud that as a 34-year-old sports fan that I own about 20 different jerseys. Nearly all of them are “out of date.”

Yesterday I wore my authentic red practice Vince Young jersey to the Don Funk Sports Bar. It’s a sweet looking jersey and I kind of with the Titans would go with the red jersey look (as long as they don’t wear the matching pants like the Texans). The problem is, he might as well be an ex-Titan. At this point there’s about a 10% chance that he’s either going to wrest the starting job from Collins next year or that he’ll take over after Collins retires in a year or two. Yeah, I see the Titans giving Collins a two-year extension.

My Chase Daniel Missouri Tigers jersey is about 12 hours from being obsolete. I may wear it now and again like my Brad Smith (pretty much gathering dust). I do have a Kellen Winslow jersey from the 1979 Liberty Bowl that’s still kind of appropriate. At least with college guys you know when they’re going to leave. With the pros, you could have a trade, release, or demotion.

Will there be a Blaine Gabbert jersey in my future? The Smith/Daniel era is a rare one in college with two starting quarterbacks spanning seven years. Daniel pretty much obliterated all of Smith’s records short of the rushing ones. The team didn’t reach preseason hopes, but all in all, a potential 30 wins in three years ain’t bad.

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