Kick in the gut redux

January 7, 2001 was the day of the Adelphia Colesium massacre. This is the day when the Titans had 23 first downs to the Ravens’ six. Yet it was the Ravens who emerged victorious 24-10. Today’s Tennessean was nice enough to show a recap in pictures, including Ray Lewis’s seizure dance after his game-clinching touchdown. You don’t get over a loss like that too easily. The Titans were clearly the best team in the NFL, and when your team is called the Tennessee Titans, being the best team in the league doesn’t happen too often.

Current media reaction seems to be pro-Ravens. I don’t blame them. The Titans haven’t played a real game since December 21. I believe the majority of writers thought a different outcome was going to occur that day. The Ravens got five turnovers in Sunday’s game. Am I supposed to wave the white towel of surrender? From what I hear, the Titans will give away some kind of Titan Towel before the game. Tell me, has any team been intimidated by fans waving a towel? Besides, the Steelers own the towel territory and they are welcome to keep it. I’m just going to yell my head off until I sound like Brett Michaels after a concert.

Am I supposed to be shaking in my booties because the Titans barely beat the Ravens earlier this year? Joe Flacco will be the Titan MVP just like he was in the earlier game.

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