Three days, suckas

There are three days to the epic Titans/Ravens playoff game. Fact of the day is that the Keith Bulluck, Jevon Kearse, and Craig Hentrich are the three remaining Titans who played in the 2001 playoff game. In short, that means the 2001 rematch talk is just that. I doubt that too many Ravens remain from that game. They probably have more former Titans than Ravens who played back then. So what does that leave us?

Are Haynesworth and Vanden Bosch 100%? Neither guy has played in four weeks. We won’t know until kickoff, and although the Ravens’ offensive line is far from elite, they’re better than the unit the Titans’ second-string dominated in the Steeler game.

Is Rob Bironas ready for the playoffs? Al Del Greco better be hiding in a basement somewhere. He was the single biggest Titan killer in the 2001 game, the biggest choke job by a kicker since a guy named Lin Elliott played for the Chiefs in 1995.

The rain should have passed by the 3:30 kickoff. The field probably will be wet, which doesn’t give either team much of an advantage.

The last time the Titans won a playoff game, I had been married for less than three months. Now I’ve been married for less than 63 months. Can you say overdue?

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