Two days

This is a scenario that I haven’t seen before. Oklahoma calls a timeout before a punt attempt. There’s a full commercial break. Then Oklahoma’s called for a false start. Then Florida calls a timeout. Finally, Oklahoma punts and Florida runs into the punter. I could have used a couple of additional commercials.

Neither team looks like a champion tonight. Jeff Fisher’d be up 13-7 at the half, this much I know. Oklahoma blew two chances inside the ten and Florida couldn’t sustain drives. It’s a weird game, typical of teams that haven’t played in more than a month. Why do they need such a long amount of time off? It’s not like they’re going to classes this week.

I know the Titans don’t like to take wideouts with their first round pick, but if Percy Harvin is available next April when Tennessee is on the clock, they should take him. A Desean Jackson-type punt returner and receiver would give the team one more playmaker (giving them two).

Other than David Ball probably being a scratch on Saturday, I haven’t seen anything new on the game today. After spending an hour in traffic coming home (it usually takes me 20 minutes), I wondered if I’d prefer Atlanta traffic or watching a replay of the 2001 playoff game against the Ravens wedged between Ray Lewis and Tony Siragusa. It’s a coin flip.

January is a big month in Titans history. January 7 was the date of the Ravens fiasco. January 8 was the Music City Miracle. January 10 was the date of the loss in New England when McNair threw the fourth down moon ball that Drew Bennett couldn’t catch. We’re about ten days away from the anniversary of the destruction at Oakland and the amazing victory that I couldn’t watch at Jacksonville for the one and only Super Bowl appearance. It’s good to make new January memories. The past few years have been rather bleak.

Could you imagine the package Miami could put together with Teabow as QB? I know the coach responsible for the Wildcat will probably be gone in a couple of years, but the RB as QB play is here to stay.

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