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Before going on a typical anti-Ravens rant, I’ll talk about a new challenge. The hardest part about watching last weekend’s wild card game was the commercial breaks. During the regular season, the magic of the Red Zone Channel on Direct TV was always there. When there’s one game on, there’s VH1 Classic.

The Don Funk Sports Bar has all the channels. VH1 Classic was showing 2009 videos in 2009, which basically was 2009 videos, from the early 80s through the early 90s, in order of song title. We waited for at least an hour for Maneater to come on. The alphabet can be frustrating.

I have almost exactly as many songs in my iPod as were in the video spectacular. So I’m listening through all of my songs, 1905 in all, from A to Z. I’m listening to “Crosseyed” by Brendon Benson, song number 300. If I get through 50 songs a day I’ll be done before the Super Bowl.

Where were we? Titan fans are outraged that Steve McNair is doing a charity event for the Ravens in Nashville. For Titan fans, they would be outraged more only if McNair had the Raven logo tattooed on his forehead.

I heard a few comments from the underprepared Fox team at the BCS Mythical Championship game about Florida hitting the A gap to get pressure on Sam Bradford. It worked. That’s where the Ravens are going to bring it. Amano and Harris will double Ngata and that will leave the middle open for a Ray Lewis or Bart Scott. It’s too bad that the Titans don’t have that sweet option shovel pass play that Florida ran a few times and Oklahoma never figured out how to defend. Do they watch film?

One thing I noticed about Sam Bradford is that he knows how to throw a screen pass. He hit Chris Brown (oddly with the same name and number as the guy who tormented Titan fans with his annual injuries) in stride down the sideline for a huge gain. Chris Johnson fights the ball too much to be a real threat on screens. Who knows, maybe he’ll surprise us like when Justin Gage got popped by Troy Polamalu in the end zone and held onto the ball.

I knew that Dave Ball and Kevin Mawae were out, but David Thornton missed practice as well yesterday. I haven’t heard if he’s going to play. Ed Reed missed practice for the Ravens but he’s playing.

Here’s your final rivalry story of the week. It encapsulates everything I’ve been saying all week. Happy Saturday, folks.

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