Draft status not improving

Are congrats in order for Chase Daniel’s performance at the East-West Shrine game yesterday? He went 2-9 and had one passing yard. That’s .11 yards per attempt. Even Ryan Leaf never pulled that off. Looking quickly at the box score, because a quick look is all it deserves, I’d say that there weren’t a lot of first-day picks on the rosters.

Something to think about when watching today’s Bizarro World NFC Championship game. The Cardinals last won an NFL title in 1948. They were the Chicago White Sox of the NFL at the time, playing in Comiskey Park on the South Side. The Philadelphia Eagles last won an NFL title in 1960. In both cases, their uniforms probably looked better than the current incarnations.

I need a new hat. The Titans hat I got at the stadium at the Colts game last year (I haven’t forgotten your drop, Brandon Jones) is getting a little overused. I don’t know what’s more embarrassing. Last weekend’s loss, or the fact that 99% of Atlantans have no idea that the Titans were even in the playoffs.

Shameless self-promotion: I’m about to post part four of Weekend of My Discontent.

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