The Bowl

I’ll put this as succinctly as possible. The Steelers should roll the Cardinals. If they don’t, fans of the black and gold could be more despondent when a QB named Neil O’Donnell tarnished their Super Bowl legacy. It’s rare when a team plays out of their minds for four games in a row. Maybe the Cardinals team that got crushed by Philly and New England was a mirage. I think they’re still in there somewhere.

The Steelers should put a beatdown on the Cardinals. Kurt Warner’s going to see pressure from all angles, and I don’t expect a lot of Edgerrin James. The only way they’re going to be able to move the ball is if Larry Fitzgerald becomes even more dominant than he’s been to date. And while the Pittsburgh offensive attack is no juggernaut, I think Big Ben can make a few plays, Hines Ward or no Hines Ward. Perhaps Willie Parker will break a huge run like he did in Super Bowl 40.

I’m with Peter King on one thing. Let’s drop the Roman numerals. America’s getting collectively dumber as the numbers go up. Let’s not make it hard to translate.

The offseason begins with free agency in two fantasy leagues. We get to keep 40 players, so it’s not like the cuts are going to be too deep. All I worry about is whether I’m dropping this year’s Mewelde Moore. You never know with running backs when each team can start three.

My prediction: This will be a lot like the Rams/Steelers Super Bowl. The Cardinals will make a few plays but the Steelers will pull away and win by double digits. That’s probably good since the game won’t end until about 11 p.m. Eastern Time.

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