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This is my 300th blog. Pop the cork on some Metamucil for me, folks. I wrote my first blog on March 24, 2005. It was on the controversial subject of fantasy football > fantasy football. I still think it’s a better game, but football is such a more superior product, so in the end it doesn’t matter. If someone told me that NASCAR was clearly the best sporting product out there, I still wouldn’t want to watch.

In slightly less than four years, I have been triumphant in two fantasy baseball leagues and one fantasy football league (albeit twice). Maybe I’m better when I am less plugged in.

OK, let’s talk about what’s going on in the overhyped world of sports:

Could people stop caring about whether Michael Phelps smoked a doobie? Seriously, the government is currently deciding how to spend about a trillion dollars of our own money. This is the same government who tried to push about $300 billion under the couch cushions, thinking correctly that we wouldn’t notice.

The White Sox very quietly signed Bartolo Colon. He’s kind of like CC Sabathia, except eight inches shorter (just as heavy, though) and about seven years older. The Sox have Mark Buerhle, Gavin Floyd and Jon Danks as sure things in the rotation. Colon made seven starts with the Red Sox last year, so we have no idea how he’ll do this year. Depending on two unknowns to catch fire like Floyd and Danks did last year is unlikely to work, but it’s still way too early to panic.

Missouri signed a big-time defensive tackle, which means that he must be from St. Louis. I’m fascinated at how big a deal college Signing Day, especially when we learned last year that players didn’t have to sign until much later. The team has gone from two QBs named Chase to two QBs named Blaine. Either a true freshman or a redshirt freshman will be under center, I mean not under center, for the opener in September. LSU and Alabama are vying for the mythical recruiting national title, and if you’re on pins and needles about that one, you might be a moron.

My new favorite place to get Titan news says that the men in Columbia Blue are far apart in negotiations with Albert Haynesworth and Kerry Collins. Haynesworth remains priority one. They have until February 27 to sign him before free agency opens up.

You know it’s fantasy football dynasty league free agency time when you’re deciding whether to put Selvin Young or Kalimba Edwards out there. The latest two trades in my league were Antonio Pittman for Jason Wright, and Mason Crosby for a 5th round rookie pick. If you’re making deals like that in your fantasy league, you might want to have a drink with an LSU or Alabama alum tonight.

It’s been a fun 300 episodes, and I’ll keep doing this until everybody in the world has two blogs. By then I’ll probably have 300.

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