Win one, Mizzou?

Tonight I am multitasking, as I am wont to do. I’m watching Missouri/Kansas, which was a 2-2 barnburner five minutes into the game. It’s slightly more offensive at the ten minute mark. Kansas is winning and Missouri is playing a bit sloppy.

A-Rod cheated. Whoopty freaking do. You were a moron if you didn’t use steroids in the early 00s. There were no tests, and when there were, it was time to quit. It will be hard to tell who was using and who wasn’t when it’s time to analyze the era. All I know is this should do nothing but help Frank Thomas’s case when he’s up for the Hall. I think he’s going to retire a la Mike Piazza last year when he realized that no one was going to sign him.

I spent most of my evening organizing z34’s free agency. There are a lot of steps to take. I have to get the threads set up, organize the player lists, remind the three owners who haven’t posted their players that they have one day, release the players tomorrow morning, and start the auction process. At some point I need to make sure that our finances are in order. All this for a group of players of which Daunte Culpepper is near the top in terms of value.

It’s 22-13 Kansas. I’ve seen this game before. Is Missouri an empty 20-4? I have no idea, but my heart says yes. Missouri hasn’t been to the Big Dance in four years, so getting in and winning a game will be huge. I still will get more excited to see the Missouri football team beat Southeast Cupcake State next fall.

I have never heard anyone curse at the TV as consistently and creatively as my wife does when she’s playing Mario Kart on Wii. I yell at the TV when I play but she takes it to the next level. I’ve found that getting the gold medals was way easier on the Wii at my parents’ house.

Missouri’s football team could score more than the basketball team. They have 16 points in the final minute of the first half. Jacking up three pointers hasn’t worked all half.

I come back an hour later after digging through the free agent dirt to see that Missouri has moved within three. If they could make a free throw they’d be ahead. It’s suddenly interesting.

Kansas sure has a history of ugly white centers. Greg Ostertag is the all-time Hall of Famer in that category.

Down by three, Missouri makes one of two free throws. They just can’t make two in a row.

Now with 65 seconds to go, Missouri gets a tie ball and possession. Have they had the lead tonight? Come on, let’s win one for the football team’s disaster. Missouri makes the field goal and Kansas calls one of their 52 time outs.

Kansas makes a shot and there are 23.5 seconds left. There weren’t tenths of a second when I was in school. It feels so high tech yet it’s not.

Eat it, Kansas. That was fun. I might have to watch another game some time.

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  1. PewterFan February 11, 2009 at 7:07 pm #

    The finances are in order. Stay away from the stud that is Orlovsky!

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