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I recently finished a 45-day musical odyssey, ironically enough on Valentine’s Day. When the year started, I made a personal goal more interesting than exercising or the usual nonsense that people promise on January 1 and forget by January 10. I decided to listen to the entire musical contents of my iPod in alphabetical order by song. I got the idea from a VH1 Classic video marathon that ran the same day as the NFL Wild Card games. The first song was “ABC” by the Pipettes and the final song, skipping due to defects in the source CD, was “50 Seasons” by the Jesus Lizard.

While a disproportionate number of the songs are by They Might Be Giants and Blue Rodeo, I rediscovered some of my lost classics. Car Wheels on a Gravel Road by Lucinda Williams is fantastic songwriting. Who can’t smile while listening to a power-pop gem by the Mr. T Experience? I found out that half of George Harrison’s solo debut All Things Must Pass could be passed right off my iPod.

I was a little sad when my list was over, but I got to realize my goal. I got to buy new music. I downloaded CDs from the nines and The Tories, respectively. Power pop lives forever on my machine.

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