How Many Dollars for that Free Agent in the Window?

I wonder if there should be two NFLs. Leave one to the Redskins and Raiders so they can overspend their little hearts out and get nothing for it. The Raiders may have overpaid for Nnamdi Asomugha, but he’s an elite player. Giving $4 million a year to their punter (insert any punter) is madness. Owners like Al Davis do what they do not because it makes sense to the rest of the league. They do it in part to mess with people. Screw up the salary structure in perhaps the worst year to give a football player eight figures a year. Last year Tommy Kelly, who’s very mediocre, got a seven year, $50 million deal. That contract alone is one reason why the Titans slapped Haynesworth with the franchise deal.

They made it almost too easy for Haynesworth to earn his free agent, but that’s the past. In the end it makes too much sense for Haynesworth to re-sign with the Titans. That’s why Dan Snyder will throw $100 million at him, even though a lot of it will be funny money. I think Haynesworth is worth a big-money deal. Breaking the bank, I’m not sure about that.

The part of the Asomugha deal that no one talks about is that it’s short. Think short. If you get a short contract, you can get another one in a few years. For the team there’s less of a risk by throwing out a ton of money at the onset of the deal. That’s why I think the Titans shouldn’t go more than four years with the Haynesworth deal. If he wants $50 million, I can go for that. Make $30 million of that guaranteed. He can’t be unhappy with that. Tell him that if he plays hard for four years and actually puts in a full 16 games one year, he’ll get another deal close to it. If Haynesworth takes the six-year deal, it will be his last contract.

I noticed that in a Nashville City Paper article that Jeff Fisher insisted that Vince Young wouldn’t be part of a Wildcat-esque package. While I agree that Young needs to prepare this offseason like he’s going to be the starter in 2009, he would be the ideal player for such a package. An attitude adjustment is necessary for sure, and I have a feeling that even if Collins comes back that he’s likely to start a few games. It’s too early to throw Vince Young out, and the team owes him too much money anyway.

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