Hasta La Vista, Haynesworth

Now that Mr. Haynesworth has been approached by Voldemort, aka Dan Snyder, you can kiss his Columbia blue ass goodbye. Snyder has a history of prudent signings that have led to many Redskin championships. He’s the only guy, because the Raiders have already overpaid half their roster, left who would be willing to give Haynesworth QB money. Does a QB take 40% of the snaps off? Does a QB miss two to three games a year? Matt Schaub excluded, of course. I’m ready for this pre-free agency period to be over.

I just got my John Sickels Baseball Prospect Book. I haven’t bought one in a couple of years, but I felt that I earned it, what with my full-time gig and all. For some reason, I like looking at this alphabetical list of top baseball prospects. It’s fun to read because I get to find out again that the White Sox have a crap farm system. There are stories behind every player, which is endlessly fascinating. This year, there are prospects who were born in the 90s. That’s somewhat disturbing. I will stop obsessively reading the book long enough to avoid getting divorced.

The Sox do have four B-rated prospects in this year’s book, which is better than last year. The Vazquez and Swisher trades added organizational depth.

Missouri beat Colorado last Saturday to move to 23-4. They are officially a top-ten team. The Kansas State, at Kansas, Oklahoma, and at Texas A&M stretch is going to be tough. It’s nothing but upside this year.

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