I thought the “Mizzou” on the front of the University of Missouri basketball jerseys didn’t look right. Then I saw the “El Heat” jerseys that Miami’s NBA franchise wear. Whatever works, I guess.

Missouri won a championship in basketball that the more ballyhooed football program could not corral. Their 40 minutes of hell style of full-court defense wore down Baylor. We can’t get too excited, as Missouri beat teams who finished 12th, 7th, and 9th in the conference respectively to win the title. That has to be one of the weakest fields faced in conference tournament history. Let’s give credit here. Mike Anderson finally got “his” players in the system and Missouri’s probably going to be a 3 seed in the tournament. They will be favorites to get to the Sweet 16 and reach 30 wins. I still can’t name a player on the team. I did enjoy watching them play while eating Greek food, including about a pound of stupidly tasty potatoes.

I just hope their first-round game isn’t during work time next week. Between St. Patrick’s Day and the NCAA first round, there are going to be a few “interruptions”.

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