Bring on the Student-Athletes

The largest tournament involving amateur athletes in the world begins tomorrow. Butler versus LSU, a solid mid-major versus big conference showdown, begins the dance. I’ll watch on my work-supplied big screen, so don’t expect it to be a productive afternoon.

Every player on the U.S. World Baseball Classic team seems to be injured. I have a feeling that no one save minor leaguers who have no chance of making the opening day roster will be on the next squad. Hey, when the Olympics are on, we send minor leaguers. Why the heck not?

I enjoyed this week’s Sports Guy blog featuring Michael Lombardi. The Jay Cutler situation is not improving. I don’t see why 2/3 of the teams in the league aren’t moving heaven and earth to get him. I know the Titans offered Collins the starting job. Give him the starting job in Denver and move the 30th pick in the first round. I know it’s not going to happen. Could you imagine Vince Young as the backup to Cutler? Like I said, not going to happen.

It was ironic that Chris Carr replaces Samari Rolle in Baltimore. Carr was an underrated returner, managing to lead the NFL in kickoff return average despite not scoring a single touchdown. Also, with Carr and Eric King elsewhere, cornerback is a much bigger need in the draft. There’s no depth.

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