CBS hates Missouri

So, I got online, hoping to watch Missouri since CBS hates the Tigers. In the first round, CBS showed about eight seconds of the Missouri/Cornell game. Hey, it was a blowout. They showed plenty of blowouts. I nearly gouged out my eyes watching the Pitt/ETSU game, as it played out like a play-in game rather than a 1/16 game.

I figured that in the second round that Missouri would get some face time, as their matchup was the closest, seed-wise, of the three 5 p.m. games. No dice. They’ve showed 45 seconds of the game. I tried to download the streaming player and I was rejected on two browsers. I downloaded a bunch of crap that wouldn’t work. Marquette led 17-11 at one point but Missouri has outscored them 35-15 since. I guess if Missouri makes the Final Four, they will show reruns of the Mentalist instead.

Strange stats from the first half: Missouri’s shooting 53% and Marquette’s shooting 32%. OK, that’s not weird. Marquette has 18 free throws attempted and Missouri has five. Missouri does have five three-pointers while Marquette has two. Sadly, that’s all I have to say. I’m trying to like basketball; I really am. I loved the buzzer-beaters on Friday night. Yesterday games were wall-to-wall borefests until the end of the Western Kentucky/Gonzaga game. At the rate we’re going, Arizona’s going to be the only Sweet 16 sleeper. I thought there was parity. Every higher seed has won in this round so far.

Unless Marquette flew in Tyus Edney, I feel comfortable about Missouri pulling this one out. Memphis next week’s going to be rough. Maybe I can catch that one on local radio.

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