Second Verse

They’ve still shown less than two minutes of the Missouri game on the national CBS feed. Actually every other game has been pretty good as well. Siena’s beating Louisville by four. Michigan State leads USC by 2 with 3 minutes to go. Missouri’s losing by one, and is trying to blow it from what I see on the gamecast.

Can we lobby the NCAA to never send us to Boise again? Marquette just made a three pointer with less than two minutes to go. It was a three point play. Marquette has now attempted 31 free throws to Missouri’s 13.

Missouri cuts the lead to two. Marquette tries a desperation three pointer. Shot clock expires, which is good because a player was there for the put-back. Now they should get the ball with a chance to tie or take the lead. Less than a minute to go and they go back to Louisville/Siena. That’s it. I’m not watching Two and a Half Men ever again.

Off camera, Missouri gets a three point play. It’s 79-78. There are 38 seconds to go. CBS paid a billion dollars for this? Missouri’s called for a foul. I guess it’s good because it gives Missouri the last shot. First free throw is missed. A tie makes this even better. Marquette makes the second shot.

Missouri runs the clock down and freshman Kim English drives. He draws the foul but the shot rims out. This is where old Missouri bricks the shots. New Missouri doesn’t. It’s 81-79 with 5.5 seconds left.

This is where CBS has to show the Tyus Edney shot. Thanks, guys.

The announcers say that Missouri’s full-court press could lead to an open shot. A moment later, the inbounds guy runs to his right and steps forward before releasing the ball. Yep, he stepped over the line. It’s a turnover. Missouri gets the ball, makes the free throws, and it’s game over. Buzz Williams, the shaved head look can look good, but not on you.

See you in Glendale.

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