The Sox have a brand new bag

I wasn’t thrilled when the Sox announced that Chris Getz was going to be the opening-day starting second baseman. After looking at his AAA stats, I feel somewhat better. He has double-digit power and speed and actually takes a walk. You could be looking at the leadoff guy. I forgot about Getz as a prospect when he repeated AA in 2007. He did go straight from 55 games at low A ball to AA, so a slow year wasn’t unexpected. The White Sox are the least heralded division champ from 2008, and for good reason. I feel like one question mark position shouldn’t be an issue anymore.

If Getz falters, Gordon Beckham will be next. He’s the hot-shot prospect number one draft pick who will start the year in AA and play shortstop. Alexei Ramirez looks like the long-term shortstop so Getz better not look too closely into the rear-view mirror.

Any team depending on Bartolo Colon or Jose Contreras has the right to be worried. Brian Anderson, a former first-round pick who can play first-round defense in center field but is a AAAA guy at best at the plate, might be the final offensive starter. Between him, Jerry Owens, and DeWayne Wise, I’m hoping that Jordan Danks develops quicker than expected.

Other than getting compensatory draft picks at the bottom of the fourth through seventh rounds, the Titans are quiet lately.

On a personal note, I love eating Thai food that makes me sweat.

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