Missouri/Memphis first half

Levance Fields is a man. Trailing by two points with less than a minute to go, he took a 25-foot shot with a man in his face. Nothing but net. Then he gets the steal and the layup to help put the game away. Pitt’s in the Elite Eight. I hope Missouri follows suit.

This is Missouri’s first 30-win team. So even without another victory they’re going to be one of the best teams in program history.

Missouri/Memphis starts out because it’s the only game on. I’m sure that Duke/Villanova will dominate the national coverage. Missouri’s wearing the old gold that I like. Why did the football team go with the urine-colored jerseys? Gold is better than yellow. I’ll stop there. It’s 2-0, so at least the Tigers of Missouri will have a lead.

I saw the report that Chase Patton looked more like an NFL-ready QB than Chase Daniel during Missouri’s Pro Day. Ruh roh.

Hmm. . . looks like the Web feed is behind the TV feed.

Do other college athletes have as many tattoos as basketball players? It’s extra noticeable for basketball players.

I was forced to go to Web video thanks to the start of Villanova/Duke.

I have to say, I usually can’t watch basketball but this game is so fast paced that I can keep up. Memphis’s freshman point guard is an athletic freak. Memphis used all of its salary cap on the basketball team. You get more bang for your buck out of basketball players.

Think about it this way. The football Conference USA champion lost to a 6-6 Kentucky team in their bowl game. The basketball Conference USA champ should have won the national title last year and has a 27-game winning streak this year.

Uh oh. It’s 25-21. Anderson calls a good time-out.

Yep, the national feed is showing only highlights. I predict a Missouri three-pointer in a moment. Uncovered, baby.

Three three pointers in a row. Come on, I need to catch my breath here.

I love it how they need a disclaimer for a commercial featuring a guy who flies out of an airplane in a shopping cart, then rides the shopping cart down the road against traffic between two eighteen-wheelers. That is not on my bucket list.

Watching this game on my new 22-inch widescreen monitor = priceless.

One downside of the press is that Missouri gets called for a ton of fouls.

I can never feel safe with a Missouri lead. They have to be perfect.

If Mike Anderson were a football coach, I doubt that he would ever go into a prevent defense. It’s a good thing that SEC schools don’t care about basketball or he’d be so gone. He deserves Pinkel money since he’s actually won a conference title.

J.T. Tiller is playing out of his gourd. He looked tired by hitting the front of the rim on his second free throw.

It’s a three-pointer for a 13-point Tiger de Missouri lead. Ugh, the refs call it a two. There are much fewer of these calls in a basketball game as opposed to football.

I was pissed that the refs kept the clock going after a late Memphis field goal. Then Missouri hit a 65-foot shot at the buzzer. It’s 49-36 at the half.

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